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Success, It's a Beautiful Thing : Lessons on Life and Business From the Founder of Blimpie International

Автор: Tony Conza
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ISBN: 0471381470
LESSONS ON LIFE AND BUSINESS FROM THE FOUNDER OF Blimpie (r) INTERNATIONAL "You'll never achieve your greatest successes because you want to make more money. You'll do it out of a love, a desire, and a passion for reaching a dream." -Tony Conza What is success? Tony Conza will tell you that it has nothing to do with running an international chain of sandwich stores. It has to do with setting goals and achieving them. Long before he became Blimpie International's CEO, Conza was toiling away on Wall Street and dreaming of starting a business. With no money, no connections, and no mentors, Conza set his sights on becoming an entrepreneur. He worked hard. Took risks. He pursued opportunity with a passion. And no matter how grim the situation, Conza never, ever gave up. Conza says the Blimpie slogan-"It's a Beautiful Thing"-appeals to the heart as well as to the mind. That's what success must do. You must put your heart into your dream and be willing...
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