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Street Fighting Statistics With Medical Outcomes Linked To Karate & Bunkai Selection

Автор: B.Sc.(Honours), Msc, Phd, Dr. Jason Armstrong
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 232
ISBN: 1471083969
Very few fighters look at the medical facts related to fighting injuries & why people present at a hospital after a street fight. To ensure one is training techniques for self defense (to avoid serious) we should be looking at what is damaging & combining that with a balance of the probability that an injury will actually occur. This is opposed to blindly practicing techniques year after year that according to the data rarely cause a serious injury in a street fight. The full glossy color 8.5x11 inch book covers: emergency department & police data, anatomy of martial art techniques producing medical outcomes, street fighting data & training curriculum design. Dr Jason Armstrong, 6th Dan is the primary author & has fought in a full contact MMA event in Japan & has been studying martial arts for 25 years. He has held national titles in fighting & forms & lived in Japan. He is CEO of Medeserv, a medical focused company for clinician registration education. Contributors include Doctors,...
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