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Stonehedge: A Teenage Addict's Voice of Isolation, Loneliness and Strength: The Rediscovered Lyrical Poems and Short Stories Vol. I & ll

Автор: Robert S. Galterie
Год: 2009
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 228
ISBN: 1607498847
?Who was this person?? my mind queried, and I began to read the contents of the discovered notebook titled Stonehedge, while dried leaves began to blow across my porch in the late fall sun. As you shall witness as I did, page by page the stripping away and unhinging of a compassionate young man?s mind as he was swallowed by the needs of so many that in turn led him to deeper explorations of his own psyche while he started a rock band and ultimately succumbed, as many before in the profession, to alcohol and drugs. Stonehedge, however, is unique in that the story is veiled within lyrics and poetry so movingly felt that I thought the contents should be shared as further enlightenment to kindred spirits in similar peril, and/or at least in a fuller examination of the range in human condition. As is apparent, I did receive permission to share the lyrical and poetic creations from Robert S. Galterie?s book Stonehedge, along with the mysteriously missing second volume from the rose box...
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