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Sticky Fingers: Managing the Global Risk of Economic Espionage

Автор: Steven?B.??? Fink
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ISBN: 0595301290
"Steven Fink has done us all an invaluable service by examining in depth an important type of crisis, namely, economic espionage. Ideally, all top corporate executives would do well to read his book to be prepared to combat one of the most significant crises we face." Ian I. Mitroff, Harold Quinton Distinguished Professor of Business Policy and Professor, Annenberg School for Communications, University of Southern California "There is an old saying, 'Business is War,' and Sticky Fingers shows us just how true that is! It presents a sobering message all across corporate America: be proactive in mitigating your risks or others will be proactive in exploiting them." Stephen Barish Manager of Security Technology Solutions, Ernst & Young, LLP
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