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Standard Catalog Of World Coins 1701-1800

Автор: George S. Cuhaj
Год: 2010
Издание: Krause Publications
Страниц: 1344
ISBN: 9781440213649, 144021364, 9781440213649, 9781440213649
This completely updated Second Edition of the 18th Century Standard Catalog of World Coins represents a combination of over 25 years research, data accumulation, photography and persistence in providing a single, comprehensive catalog to which collectors can turn. The specialist, collector and dealer alike are provided with the latest information on market valuations reflecting our vastly improved data base for this period of world coinage history. Illustrated Instant Identifiers Standard International Numeral Systems Grading Terminology and Abbreviations Glossary of Legend Abbreviations Total Weights of Coins Date Conversion Chart Mint Index Coin Denominations Listings Foreign Exchange Rates Cross-Referenced Country Index Coin Market Values in up to Four Grades of Preservation.
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