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Spotlight 3: My Language Portfolio / Английский язык. Языковой портфель. 3 класс

Автор: Эванс Вирджиния, Дули Дженни, Быкова Надежда, Поспелова Марина
Год: 2007
Издание: Просвещение, Express Publishing
Страниц: 46
ISBN: 9785090163156
This "Language Portfolio" is your property. It has been designed to help you improve your language learning. It will accompany you throughout your school life and will help you document your learning both inside and outside the classroom. The "Language Portfolio" contains material which you can use and then keep as a record of your learning. In this portfolio you can also include any extra material given by your teacher, throughout the course. However, the final decision of what to include in the "Language Portfolio" is completely up to you. In practice, "Language Portfolios" may include a project or other examples of written work, computer diskettes (with some work or drawings completed inside or outside the class), video cassettes (with your favourite story or with performances of songs, school plays, etc), certificates, reports from your teachers, or even a collection of objects or pictures.
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