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Soil and Crop management for Organic Carbon Sequestration: In Coconut Based Cropping systems

Автор: Sudha B., Annamma George
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 188
ISBN: 384841225, 384841225X, 384841225X
Soil,despite being the most basic of all natural resources is severely neglected these days.Quality of soil is determined much by it's organic matter content. Carbon Sequestration is a management strategy which maintains organic matter in soils,at the same time prevents the loss of Carbon as Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. Carbon Sequestration practices can therefore enrich soil quality and can also give a negative feed back to global warming. Residue producing cropping systems,recycling of crop residues to soil,reduction in tillage etc favours Carbon Sequestration in soils and were experimented in the present study.Coconut-Pineapple cropping system which generated pineapple residue with high lignin content could well improve the organic matter and organic carbon status of soil and thus could bring overall improvement in soil properties. Surface mulching of crop residues and reduction in tillage practices could also sequester more of organic matter in soil. Besides, the coconut-...
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