Разработка и проектирование программ. CASE-технологии

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Software Process: Principles, Methodology, and Technology (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1500)

Автор: J. C. Derniame, Ali Badara Kaba, David Wastell, Badara Ali Kaba
Год: [не указано]
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Страниц: [не указано]
ISBN: 3540655166
The software process defines the way software development is organised, managed, measured, supported and improved, independently of the support techniques used in the development. Software houses and businesses in general have come to realise that the key to succesful delivery (on time, on budget, with the expected quality) lies in the effective management of their software process. This book is devoted to quality management for software. The focus is on supporting the development process by constructingexplicit models and deploying automated support environments. The authors do not attempt to compare, analyse or propose improvements to existing processes or process design methodologies. Their main concern is with the core technologies and basic concepts underpinning software process modelling and software process automation, with a special emphasis on the mechanisms that support software process evolution.
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