Кадровый менеджмент. Планирование, подбор и развитие персонала

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"Sit and Get" Won't Grow Dendrites: 20 Professional Learning Strategies That Engage the Adult Brain

Автор: Marcia L. Tate
Год: 2004
Издание: Corwin Press
Страниц: 168
ISBN: 0761931546
"Marcia brings the same enthusiasmA‚A she has for working with adults to writing for adults. This is a book all trainers could benefit from, study, and keep accessible in their tool chest." Stephanie Hirsh, Deputy Executive Director National Staff Development Council Actively engage teachers, rekindle their passion for teaching, and take advantage of the ways the brain learns best! Research and experience prove that students learn better when teachers use brain-based strategies. The same is true with adult learners. However, the very strategies that are recommended for teachers to use in instructing students are seldom reflected in staff development workshops. "Sit and Get" Won’t Grow Dendrites draws on the latest research in brain-based learning, differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, and adult learning to provide strategies that not only motivate adult learners but also increase...
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