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Shin Kanzen Master: Chokai Listening JLPT: Japan Language Proficiency Test №1 (+ 2 CD-ROM)

Автор: Nakamura Kaori, Fukushima Sachi, Tomomatsu Etsuko
Год: 2011
Издание: 3A Corporation
Страниц: 150
ISBN: 9784883195664
This book is aimed at those wishing to take the N1 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, and is specifically aimed at the listening comprehension questions. The book is made up of the following three parts: 1. Mondai Shokai (This provides an overview of the form of the questions and how to solve them). 2. Jitsuryoku Yoseihen (This section examines the five types of test questions separately, and introduces the skills necessary to understand them). 3. Mogi Shiken (This mock test enables the learner to check and confirm his/her ability). After studying the distinctive features of sounds in the Jitsuryoku Yoseihen section, the learner then studies the five types of questions in a specific order (instant response, task comprehension, point comprehension, general comprehension, and integrated comprehension), and in so doing, as he/she gradually builds up the necessary listening skills, he/she can also effectively learn how to deal with the questions....
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