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Securing Business Intelligence: Knowledge and CyberSecurity in the Post 9/11 World

Автор: Peter R., MBA Ramsaroop
Год: 2004
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ISBN: 0972824715
Book DescriptionThis book provides business and government leaders a new way of thinking about security and information. Securing Business Intelligence identifies the changing way of thinking required by our new security needs and provides a compelling model for viewing security within a broader conceptual framework including innovative content/knowledge management practices. Can your organization be attacked? Before the events of September 11, most organizations might have answered, no. Since then, this message has been reinforced by intellectual property loss, natural disasters, and power outages. Recent events brought with it the near-universal realization that tighter network security; backup networks, increased security in knowledge management and the creation of disaster recovery architecture are absolute requirements. Securing business intelligence is the vital key to survival and success in our brave new world. And so, in response to those events, industry and...
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