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Secrets of Great Sales Management, The: Advanced Strategies for Maximizing Performance

Автор: Robert A. Simpkins
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ISBN: 0814472389
Fortune teller. Psychologist. Financial analyst. These are just a few of the roles sales managers must play while making sure the sales team has what it needs to close deals. In an economic landscape where business strategies shift almost daily, it's alla sales manager can do to keep abreast of new developments. The Secrets of Great Sales Management shows sales managers how to work in concert with changing corporate goals without sacrificing the exceptional results they were hired to achieve. This powerful book gives readers practical strategies to: * clarify short-, medium-, and long-term goals * create and communicate team objectives * establish new performance standards and measurements * improve development and training initiatives * build compensation plans that drive stated objectives * create career development plans for team members By helping sales managers build stronger connections between front-line strategies and boardroom expectations, The Secrets of...
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