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Secrets of an Executive Coach: Proven Methods for Helping Leaders Excel Under Pressure

Автор: Alan Downs
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ISBN: 0814406971
It's not just faulty products and poor fiscal results that can throw an executive into crisis. The more prevalent and pernicious problems are personal in nature. A manipulative or hierarchical boss may be suffering a crisis of confidence; a stressed-outor uninterested colleague may struggle with a crisis of passion. According to experienced psychologist and executive coach Alan Downs, these often dormant interior conflicts flare up when the crushing demands of the business world collide with the inner needs of the individual. His new book offers a fresh, eye-opening perspective on how to steer executives back to a successful career path. Secrets of an Executive Coach uncovers six crises that cause people to fail. And unlike the prevailing corporate model, which advocates suppressing crises, Downs explains how to confront and resolve them using 11 essential coaching techniques, including role playing, self-imitation, metaphor map, and devil's advocate. These classic...
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