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Scientology: More than a cult?

Автор: [автор не указан]
Год: 1991
Издание: VAP Publishers
Страниц: 200
ISBN: 3922367267
The failure of modern science, dogmatic churches and established political parties to provide satisfactory answers to people, has made the market boom with psycho-cults. In the endless flood of sentimental cosmologies, mind machines, gracious gurus and false prophets, the so-called Church of Scientology - a thriving cult of greed and power - is a shark in the mill-pond. Due to his extensive knowledge of Hubbard's work and writings, and great clarity of presentation, the author - a Church of Scientology drop-out, writing under the pseudonym of L. Kin - succeeds in unmasking the internal affairs as well as the strategic intentions of the sect. Reading the first part provides the kind of thrill one would get from a secret service dossier. In the second part, the reader finds out what it is that drives the paying public into the many arms of this international psycho-monster. False assertions and untenable promises are exposed. Written in an easy style, the book takes the gloss off...
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