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Saving Maine: An Album of Conservation Success Stories

Автор: Bill Silliker Jr.
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0892725664
Is Maine?s famed natural character vanishing? The answer is: no, not all of it, thanks to the hard work and generosity of people such as Percival Baxter and Peggy Rockefeller, and of dozens of concerned, ordinary citizens and groups such as the Maine Coast Heritage Trust and The Nature Conservancy, which have helped to establish preserves and parks that will maintain at least some of the natural beauty of Maine forever. Each of the ten chapters tells the story of a particular nature preserve orpark, and is illustrated by spectacular images from nature and wildlife photographer Bill Silliker. One of the more famous stories is the one behind the creation of Baxter State Park, the 200,000-acre preserve in northern Maine created over a period of several decades by the extraordinary generosity of Governor Baxter. When he failed to get the state legislature to provide funds to create the park, Governor Baxter used his personal fortune to buy the land, and then gave it to the...
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