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Running a 21st-Century Small Business: The Owner's Guide to Starting and Growing Your Company

Автор: Randy W. Kirk
Год: 2006

Страниц: 416
ISBN: 0446696188
Starting a small business and becoming your own boss is appealing to most people, but over 65% of small businesses fail within their first five years. Budding entrepreneurs simply do not have the information they need to be successful. Now, Randy Kirk offers advice on how anyone can surviveand thrivewhile starting their own small business. He discusses every aspect of starting a business, from planting the first seeds and getting off the ground to increasing revenue while decreasing costs. Kirk walks readers through each step: assessing whether or not they have what it takesfinancially and emotionallyto start a business; the issues of partnership and legally involving family members; selecting vendors; and how to hire, fire, train, and motivate employees. This will be the definitive go-to guide for the millions of people who ownor want to owna small business and live the American Dream.
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