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Resumes! Resumes! Resumes!: Top Career Experts Show You the Job-Landing Resumes That Sold Them

Автор: The Editors of Career Press, Career Press Inc
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ISBN: 1564143090
This third edition of Resumes! Resumes! Resumes! covers all the basics of resume writing and provides dozens of samples from the country's top job pros. Heads of the biggest personnel agencies, recruiting firms and outplacement centers, human resources managers at Fortune 500 companies, and career authors and columnists share their favorite resumes - ones that will land the job user's want and explain why they work.Through these top career professionals, learn the answers to the most important resume writing questions such as: Do hot pink resumes and other "creative" efforts ever work?, What are the most common resume mistakes?, How can you write an effective resume if you have little or no job experience? and many more. Compiled by the editors of Career Press, Resumes! Resumes! Resumes! guides the user in creating a door opening resume.
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