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Resources and Population: Natural, Institutional, and Demographic Dimensions of Development (Pontificiae Academiae Scientiarum Scripta Varia ; 20)

Автор: Study Week on "Resources and Population, Paul George Demeny, Max F. Perutz, Bernardo Colombo
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ISBN: 0198289189
Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the world's population has increased threefold. The "demographic revolution" has not only changed the size of the population; it is radically transforming its age structure and its spatial distribution. These papers examine the relationship between physical and human resources and population within this context of mass poverty, historically unprecedented population growth, and environmental deterioration. The discussion is framed by a broad supervision into six parts, examining demographic history and global population prospects; the relationships between population and physical, biological, and human resources; human health; and human settlements.
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