Кадровый менеджмент. Планирование, подбор и развитие персонала

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Research in Organizational Behavior, Volume 24 (Research in Organizational Behavior)

Автор: Barry Staw
Год: 2003

Страниц: [не указано]
ISBN: 0762308788
Book DescriptionVolume 24 of Research in Organizational Behavior (ROB) contains a broad and eclectic set of offerings. The chapters address a variety of recent and important concerns in organizational theory, ranging from the evolution of organizations and cross-cultural analyses of managerial behavior to the micro-sociology of knowledge brokering within organizations and the etiology of organizational messes. The opening chapter, by Glenn Carroll, Stanislav Dobrev, and Anand Swaminathan, examines resource partitioning theory, an important theoretical perspective in population ecology. The next three chapters, broadly construed, address issues of organizational innovation, learning, and adaptation in complex environments. The next contribution, by John Carroll, Jenny Rudolph, and Sachi Hatakenaka examines how high-hazard organizations learn from experience. As with all organizations, high-hazard organizations such as nuclear power plants and chemi
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