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Recycled Adventure Comics (Volume 1)

Автор: Michael Bifulco
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 110
ISBN: 147521412, 147521412X, 147521412X
Remember the Golden or Silver Age of comics? Colorful cover artwork grabbed your attention... and inside, you were immediately wisked off into the world of imagination! It was like going to a saturday matinee, only no cinematography could match the visual effects you dreamed about jumping off the printed page! Return to those rainy afternoons when you curled up in a corner to explore the wonder and excitement of the adventure comic book stories... with a little added twist! Michael Bifulco, author of "The Original Superman on Television", "Images of Old Tucson", "Spaceman Lost", and "Signs & Wonders: The Story of Moses" rewrites 15 forgotten adventures from the Golden/Silver Age of comic books with some name changes and various departures in the original plots to re-introduce those good old days of yellow-page escapism.
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