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Real Estate Valuation Theory (Research Issues in Real Estate)

Автор: Ko Wang, Marvin L. Wolverton
Год: [не указано]
Издание: [не указанo]
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ISBN: 0792376633
Is real property appraisal evolving, or have all of the "big ideas" already been conceived? This question has been circulating among the leaders of the Appraisal Institute during the past several annual meetings, usually encountering little in the way ofsatisfying answers. This is not too surprising, because grand ideas and new knowledge do not typically evolve from off-hand conversation. They are the product of focused intellectual activity and hours of difficult work. This unquenched thirst for new knowledge is the primary reason for assembling this collection of new manuscripts dealing with valuation theory, which was financially underwritten by the Appraisal Institute. Their generosity and willingness to partner with the American Real Estate Societymade this collection of thoughtful and thought provoking essays possible. They are the result of a global response to a worldwide call for papers, and demonstrate that real estate valuation is indeed an international discipline. The...
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