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Reading Lips and Other Ways to Overcome a Disability

Автор: Diane Scharper, Philip Scharper
Год: 2009
Издание: Apprentice House
Страниц: 212
ISBN: 1934074446
This three-part book is a series of award-winning essays from the first Helen Keller Foundation International Memoir Writing Competition. They give voice to writers with ongoing disabilities, those who have overcome their disabilities, and from those dealing with another's disability. Their stories are real and inspirational, honest accounts on the nature of living with disabilities and the ways a life-altering disability affects and shapes their experiences. "Helen Keller taught the world to reconsider the remaining abilities of the disabled, and in doing so, she forever increased their life potential. Now these memoir authors, by their words and actions, are teaching the same lesson in her name." Robert Morris, M.D., President, Helen Keller Foundation for Research and Education.
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