Кадровый менеджмент. Планирование, подбор и развитие персонала

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Quality Assurance and Outcomes Introduction: An Introduction to Quality and TQM Concepts in Healthcare For Health Personnel, Insurance Companies, HMOs, ... Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Employees

Автор: Daniel, M.D. Farb
Год: 2003

Страниц: [не указано]
ISBN: 1594911029
Book DescriptionThis title is part of the UniversityOfHealthCare/ UniversityOfBusiness Interactive Training Library, which offers authoritative, clearly written material in an interactive form for better comprehension and documentation of completion. Anyone in the healthcare field needs to understand the basics of quality assurance and outcomes as they apply to medical and hospital practice. This multimedia introduction to the field will teach you the basic terminology and concepts as they apply to healthcare. Upon the completion of this course, you will be able to define and explain basic concepts in quality assurance, explain the TQM set of approaches to healthcare, explain outcomes management, list some of the problems with outcomes management, defineand explain DUE, explain some differences between quality improvement and quality assurance, explain the JCAHO Agenda for Change, explain techniques of outcomes management, and identify and critique data sources for outcomes...
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