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Polycentric Governance and Development: Readings from the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis (Institutional Analysis)

Автор: Michael D. McGinnis, Bloomington Workshop in Political Theory and polic Indiana University
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0472086235
How do local communities collectively manage those resources that are most important to their own survival or prosperity? Wherever they are located, all communities face similar dilemmas of collective action: how can common goals be realized despitethe presence of individual incentives to over-exploit common resources for private gain? The readings collected in Polycentric Governance and Development show the achievements of scholars associated with the Workshop in Political Theory and PolicyAnalysis at Indiana University in understanding how communities have dealt with dilemmas of collective action. Their analyses also have profound implications for broader issues of development. The central insight of the research collected in the volume is this: much can be learned by a careful examination of the ways in which local communities have organized themselves to solve collective problems, achieve common aspirations, and resolve conflicts. The first two sections deal...
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