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Play to Kill

Автор: P. J. Tracy
Год: 2011
Издание: Penguin Books Ltd.
Страниц: 336
ISBN: 9780141030272
"Play to Kill" by P.J.Tracy is the second novel in the Gino and Magozzi crime series. Call it murdertube... Minneapolis homicide cops Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth fish a murdered drag queen out of the Mississippi. Another day, another corpse. Except the victim's death throes quickly appear in a video posted online. And there are other videos, other murders. Unable to trace who is posting the videos, the cops turn to Grace MacBride and her crew of eccentric computer mavericks. But as the bodies and videos stack up, the team desperately try and answer a terrifying question: Is this the work of a lone individual? Or of several killers who have taken social networking to the darkest extreme... Hot on the heels of "Want to Play?" comes P.J.Tracy's thrilling "Play to Kill", the second work in the series. The much loved Grace MacBride, Gino and Magozzi are back. Fans of Karen Rose and Lisa Gardiner should sit up and pay attention. Praise for P.J.Tracy: "A powerful thriller and an ingenious...
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