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Play by Play: Theater Essays and Reviews, 1993-2002

Автор: Jonathan Kalb
Год: 2003
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 274
ISBN: 087910984, 087910984X, 087910984X
Book DescriptionFor more than 15 years Jonathan Kalb has been a singularly perceptive commentator on American and European theate. These essays and reviews, by the 1991 winner of the George Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism, set a new standard for theater writing today. This collection begins with a brave and piercing appraisal of the state of current theater criticism, in a section Kalb characteristically calls "Critical Mess." He goes on to revisit the work of Samuel Beckett, as performed in well-meaning efforts to bring it to a new, wider (TV) audience; to consider today?s political theater, particularly in the flourishing form of one-person shows; to explore the theatrical landscape of a reunited Germany, where the Berliner Ensemble is no longer a showcase for the East, and finally to cover what?s going on back home in New York--everything from "The Lion King" and "Dame Edna" to plays of David Mamet and Arthur Miller (new and old) and to the latest trends in the...
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