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Physics of thin films

Автор: Ludmila Eckertova
Год: 1977
Издание: Plenum Publishers
Страниц: 256
ISBN: [не указан]
This book serves as an introduction to the physics and technology of thin films, which in recent years has influenced many areas of scientific activity, the most important fields of application being microelectronics and optics. The first part presents methods for thin-film preparation, with emphasis on cathodic sputtering and evaporation in vacuo. Current methods for measuring and monitoring thickness and deposition rates are surveyed as well. The next part deals with the physical foundations of thin-film formation; it covers the most important theories of nucleation and growth, with special attention to the factors that affect the final structure of films, including epitaxial films. Various electron microscopic and diffraction methods for examining chemical composition, morphology, and structure of thin films, and modern methods of surface examination (LEED, SIMS, Auger spectroscopy) are given detailed treatment. Discussion of the physical properties of thin films focuses on...
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