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Own the World: How Smart Investors Create Global Portfolios (Fisher Investments Press)

Автор: Aaron Anderson
Год: 2009
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 207
ISBN: 0470285389
Global investing isn't new. In fact, investors have been looking to overseas markets for hundreds of years, and with good reason. A global portfolio bestows innumerable rewards on the savvy investor, yet we in the US remain woefully under exposed to foreign equities. Despite the fact that US equity markets make-up less than 42 percent of world markets, only a small portion of our investment dollars are allocated overseas. Even the most sophisticated investors have been deterred by misconceptions about the risks associated with owning foreign stocks or a lack information about foreign markets. But the notion investment options are limited by borders is antiquated and down right detrimental to successful investing. Once considered the playground only of the ultra-rich or institutional investors, global investing is fast becoming not only possible, but a necessity for every investor. As part of the recently formed Fisher Investments Press, Own the World introduces readers to the...
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