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Out of Our Heads: Why You Are Not Your Brain, and Other Lessons from the Biology of Consciousness

Автор: Alva Noe
Год: 2010
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 232
ISBN: 0809016486
Alva NoA« is one of a new breeda??part philosopher, part cognitive scientist, part neuroscientista??who are radically altering the study of consciousness by asking difficult questions and pointing out obvious flaws in the current science. In Out of Our Heads, he restates and reexamines the problem of consciousness, and then proposes a startling solution: do away with the two-hundred-year-old paradigm that places consciousness within the confines of the brain. Our culture is obsessed with the braina??how it perceives; how it remembers; how it determines our intelligence, our morality, our likes and our dislikes. Ita??s widely believed that consciousness itself, that Holy Grail of science and philosophy, will soon be given a neural explanation. And yet, after decades of research, only one proposition about how the brain makes us consciousa??how it gives rise to sensation, feeling, and subjectivitya??has emerged unchallenged: we dona??t have a clue. In this inventive work, NoA« suggests...
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