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On the Line

Автор: Serena Williams
Год: 2009
Страниц: 286
ISBN: 9780446553667
In this able mid-career autobiography, tennis sensation Williams chronicles a childhood spent living the game with her four sisters and determined parents, and the success that followed. Faith, work ethic, and a love of tennis were paramount to the Williams children's upbringing, qualities that saw her through title contests from coast to coast, and then worldwide. Along the way, she's established schools in third world countries and visited "slave castles" on the African coast; she also persevered through the fatal shooting of her oldest sister in 2003. Waylaid briefly, Williams came back stronger than ever, a testament to her determination, sheer guts and game sense of humor. Philosophical nuggets are scattered throughout: "You might think you're in control, but you're never really in control"; "It can be very isolating, very lonely, competing at a high level in an individual sport"; and "Remember, there are so many more important things. This is so small." Besides recapping...
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