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Nutritional Ergogenic Aids

Автор: [автор не указан]
Год: 2004
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 520
ISBN: 084931626, 084931626X, 084931626X
Book DescriptionNutritional Ergogenic Aids provides an up-to-date review of what is hypothetical and what is known about nutritional ergogenic aids and dietary supplements used for enhancing physical and athletic performance. Among the 23 aids discussed are branched-chain amino acids, carnitine, creatine, glucosamine, chrondroitin sulfate, taurine, biocarbonates, and ginseng. Research conducted primarily with data available from human studies is analyzed and discussed. The book presents information and guidelines on safe use and provides a scientific basis regarding the benefits, shortcomings, and usefulness of nutritional ergogenic aids.
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