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New York's Father is Dead! The Lie and Death of Andrew Haswell Green

Автор: Michael Rubbinaccio
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 285
ISBN: 0615727395
On a cold November afternoon in 1903, Andrew Haswell Green lay bleeding on the concrete, a victim of an assassin s bullet, thus ending a career and life dedicated to service to the City of New York. Without his tireless management, skill in navigating municipal and state politics, and undaunted spirit of a do-gooder, New York City would certainly not have Central Park, The New York Public Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The American Museum of Natural History, New York City Hall...the list goes on and on. Often called the Father of Greater New York, Green was until his dying day a relentless advocate for the common good. He earned this title for being the proponent for consolidation of the five boroughs to make Greater New York City in 1898. Green was always striving to make New York City a magnificent city, not only for the current generation, but for generations to come. We are familiar with his work, but not his name. We recognize immediately the buildings and...
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