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My Own Story

Автор: Ida Hankins
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 338
ISBN: 1468079425
It was1929, in Montgomery, Alabama, Corene Patton had a feeling that something was wrong. Her husband Major rushed into the house breathing heavily saying all in one breath, “MAMA" get the children together we are leaving Alabama Now! During this era, where prejudice was very rampant; Coreen and Major together with their children went against all odds. Notwithstanding what will be waiting for them in another place, they had to go. Life indeed was so unfair for colored men at that time, finding a job to sustain a family seemed too difficult, and that's what had happened to Major. But Coreen, a strong-willed woman, sustained a family with values and love. Correen and Major had twelve (12) children and one of them was Ida Mary Elizabeth. Growing up in a world that put barriers between colored and the white races, made growing-up a difficult stage for the children. Ida Mary Elizabeth, described herself as stubborn and someone who will do anything that she believes is right. She...
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