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My Life in A Gyn Mill Stories and Occasional Musings from a Retired Physician and Unrepentant Curmudgeon

Автор: William J Cone
Год: 2010
Издание: Seaboard Press
Страниц: 106
ISBN: 159663829, 159663829X, 159663829X
Take a brief look at a life spent in the "Gyn Mill" as Dr. Cone shares stories about medical school, hilarious tales from his practice and thoughts about the current transition from "caring to commercial" in the health care community. From the book: Talking with my patients about their lives and families was a great pleasure. Thanks to the bureaucrats and minute counters, this experience in many offices has gone the way of the buggy whips. A most upbeat older patient, after elaborating some of her problems, looked up at me and said, "But you know, with the troubles I have, I'm grateful wrinkles don't hurt." The loyalty of long-time patients was once exhibited by an octogenarian and her friend, also a patient, who told me, "Lena and I are furious with you for retiring. We decided we would rather change husbands than gynecologists." Late night call: "My wife is in terrible pain." "Please put her on, I need to talk to her." "Oh, she's asleep." Duh! About the Author: William J. Cone is a...
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