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Mutual Expectation Theory of Motivation (METOM): Theory, Application, and Evaluation

Автор: Dr. Eric Oestmann
Год: 2008
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 184
ISBN: 3639071050
There is a universal goal among worldwide businessesto remain optimally profitable and provide highquality goods and services. This goal has becomeincreasingly difficult to achieve in theultra-competitive 21st century. To give the readersome background on this book, as the title suggestsit is about motivating human behavior effectively andefficiently in the most complex businesses in theworld. The METOM was developed as a unique blend ofprocess and content motivational constructs written as:1. Employer Expectations = Employee Expectations =Increased Motivation, Increased Productivity,Increased Quality, and Increased OrganizationalCommitment.The Mutual Expectation Theory of Motivation (METOM)theoretical tenets originally posited in 1999 werevalidated in 2006 which resulted in real cost savingsper organization ranging from $46,974 to $171,856U.S. dollars annually. This text will serve as anindependent guide to teach any business leader thebackground theory of METOM as well as the...
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