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Multistate Guide to Sales and Use Tax Audits (w/CD-ROM), 2009 (Multistate Tax Guide)

Автор: Daniel M. Davis
Год: 2008
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 868
ISBN: 0808091956
Multistate Guide to Sales and Use Tax Audits provides state-specific material for preparing for and handling an audit in all states that impose sales and use taxes. Readers will gain an increased understanding of why their businesses or clients were selected for audit, how their audits will proceed, what the audit staff will be looking for, and how assessments are developed. Instead of enacting tax increases, taxing agencies are quietly encouraged to mine every possible dollar from the existing tax structures. As a result, a sales and use tax audit notice generally may be regarded as the first step in a state civil action intended to extract additional funds from a specific taxpayer. Since this may often result in unfavorable consequences for the taxpayer, Multistate Guide to Sales and Use Tax Audits is intended to improve the taxpayer's chances of prevailing in what is often a losing battle. It aims to assist taxpayers in proactively avoiding paying more than their legal share of...
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