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Moving to InDesign : Use What You Know About QuarkXPress and PageMaker to Get Up to Speed in InDesign Fast!

Автор: David Blatner, Christopher Smith, Steve Werner
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0321294114
Costs less. Does more. Is easier to use: If this is the conclusion you've reached when comparing InDesign CS with its two long-time rivals (QuarkXPress and PageMaker), you're ready to make the switch. This guide shows you how! Throughout this compact guide, the focus is on leveraging your skill in the other leading desktop publishing packages to get up to speed fast in the new leading publishing package! As the perfect companion to the more comprehensive Real World InDesign CS , this tightly focused guide details the most common tasks and techniques you need to know to get your job done in InDesign CS. Clear, concise instructions enhanced by plenty of screen shots and sample layouts show you how to create and navigate documents, import and style text and objects, manage long projects, work with color, and more. You?ll also find good coverage of all of InDesign's newest and most unique features: the Story Editor, a Separation Preview palette, nested styles,...
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