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Models of Neural Networks II: Temporal Aspects of Coding and Information Processing in Biological Systems (Physics of Neural Networks)

Автор: E. Domany, J.L. Van Hemmen, K. Schulten
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ISBN: 0387943625
The theory of neural nets has two new paradigms: information coding through coherent firing of the neurons and structural feedback. As compared to traditional neural nets, spiking neurons provide an extra degree of freedom: time; this degree of freedom is realized by a coherent spiking of extensively many neurons in the network, a nonlinear phenomenon. The other paradigm, feedback, is a dominant feature of the structural organization of the brain. This volume provides an in-depth analysis of both paradigms starting with an extensive introduction to the ideas used in the subsequent chapters. In addition, one finds a detailed discussion of salient features such as coherent oscillations and their detection, associative binding and segregation, Hebbian learning, and sensory computations in the visual and olfactory cortex. The style and level of this book make it particularly useful for advanced students and researchers looking for an accessible survey of today's theory of neuronal...
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