MS Windows 7 для пользователей

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Microsoft Windows 7: A Guide to Windows 7 with advanced features

Автор: John Monyjok Maluth
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 116
ISBN: 148011247, 148011247X, 148011247X
What is the main focus of this book? What is in the book that can make me read it? Well, these are good questions we ask when we see a book with a new title or even with the same title that we have already known but from a different author. This book titled Microsoft Windows 7 was written by an advanced computer user with no computer courses but the author learned everything in this book through practice. As a reader of this book you are expected to learn through practice and it is also clear that many people do not like to do this very thing even though it is the best way to learn computing. I want you to know that this book is meant for advanced computer users but this does not mean you cannot be the reader. The book starts with the general overview of what Microsoft Windows 7 is. How do you install Windows 7 from media, how do you upgrade to Windows 7 and many other important things you need to know about this product are on the first chapter. The second chapter deals with common...
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