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Microeconomic Theory & Applications

Автор: Edgar K. Browning, Mark A. Zupan
Год: 2005

Страниц: 624
ISBN: 0471679437
The world looks different through the eyes of an economist. From internet dating and antiwar protests to citrus farming, caviar, and Canadian prescription drugs--everything looks different through the eyes of an economist. Recognized for it's extensive collection of intriguing applications, Browning & Zupan's Microeconomics: Theory & Applications, Ninth Edition teaches you how to look at the world through the eyes of an economist. You'll learn to analyze real-world situations and predict market phenomena using fundamental analysis tools. Now revised with several new applications, this Ninth Edition continues to make microeconomics real and relevant. Firmly committed to the needs of today's students, the authors present fundamental concepts and techniques in a brief, less expensive paperback format. New applications include: * The Accounting and Economic Costs of SOX * Social Security and Saving * An Example of a...
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