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MetaMaus (+ DVD-ROM)

Автор: Art Spiegelman
Год: 2011
Издание: Penguin Books Ltd.
Страниц: 300
ISBN: 9780670916832
In the pages of "METAMAUS", Art Spiegelman re-enters the Pulitzer prize-winning MAUS, the modern classic that has altered how we see literature, comics, and the Holocaust ever since it was first published twenty-five years ago. He probes the questions that MAUS most often evokes - Why the Holocaust? Why mice? Why comics? - and gives us a new and essential work about the creative process. "METAMAUS" includes a bonus DVD that provides a digitized reference copy of the complete Maus linked to a deep archive of audio interviews with his survivor father, historical documents, and a wealth of Spiegelman's private notebooks and sketches. Compelling and intimate, is poised to become a classic in its own right.
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