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Medical School Admissions: The Insider's Guide (Medical School Admissions 1999)

Автор: John A. Zebala, John Zebala, Daniel B. Jones, Stephanie B. Jones
Год: [не указано]
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: [не указано]
ISBN: 0914457942
Last year, over 48,000 people applied to U.S. medical schools. Only 17,000 got in. The number of applicants is growing each year; the number of openings is not. With such fierce competition, how can you play the medical school admissions game to win? Honest, practical advice and a priceless collection of 50 successful application essays have made this book the #1 guide for hopeful doctors. Thousands of applicants have relied on the authorsO advice for help with taking their MCATs, preparing for their interviews, and writing their personal statements. If youOre applying to medical schoolNor just thinking about a career in medicineNyou need this book.
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