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Measurement of Free Radicals and their Effects on Human Spermatozoa

Автор: Fanuel Lampiao
Год: 2008
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 84
ISBN: 3639077059
We presented data on the role of free radicals in human spermatozoa, particularly in the context of centrifugation.Methods were developed to directly measure intracellular free radicals in human sperm and the effects of exogenously applied free radicals on sperm function were established. The role of brief and prolonged centrifugation and the associated generation of free radicals was also investigated.In the first part of the study, we established flow cytometry as a reliable tool for directly measuring intracellular free radicals in human spermatozoa. In the second part of the study the effects of centrifugation on free radical generation in sperm was investigated. The effects of exogenously administered free radicals on sperm function were investigated in the third part of the study. In this study, novel techniques have been developed to successfully measure free radicals in human spermatozoa. We recommend that cognisance should be taken of the potentially adverse effects of both...
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