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Mayhem + Life=1 Bad B.I.T.C.H: Based on a true story

Автор: Browny J
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 114
ISBN: 1432787934
Mayhem + Life= 1 Bad Bitch is a book that will shake you into place. It will smack you in your face with hard core reality. It will make you cry, sometimes laugh, or gasp for air. It's also possible you will do what is instructed/suggested in Mayhem. This book keeps you in suspense. Makes you wonder what the hell is going to happen next? Mayhem is a conversation piece. At no time will you ever be bored, this book holds your attention. You don't want to turn your head away from this one people. Guaranteed after you read it you will feel empowered. Here are some comments about Mayhem. "It is my honor to read these tumultuous stories".- S. Rains "It grabs your attention from the start."- D. Davis "This book will KEEP you reading more and more. I couldn't put the book down, this book should be a movie."-E. Brown
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