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Mastering ColdFusion MX

Автор: Arman Danesh, Raymond Camden, Selene Bainum, Guy Rish
Год: [не указано]
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ISBN: 0782141242
Macromedia ColdFusion is one of the leading Web application servers for developing database-driven websites. The new version introduces radical changes and provides integration with Macromedia's other leading web products, including Flash and Dreamweaver. Mastering ColdFusion is a complete revision to a best-seller and is fully updated for new functionality, including using XML and creating Web Services. The book covers not only ColdFusion programming techniques but also using the Studio development environment and administering the ColdFusion Server. For the first time, the book includes a real-world content management website as a large example running throughout the book, enabling you to build on your knowledge of basic concepts. The authors have manyyears of ColdFusion experience under their belts; Raymond Camden is a certified ColdFusion instructor and works at Macromedia.
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