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Marilyn Monroe Returns: The Healing of a Soul

Автор: Adrian Finkelstein
Год: 2006
Издание: Hampton Roads Publishing Company
Страниц: 308
ISBN: 1571744843
The anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's 80th birthday witnessed the publication of several new titles about her life and work. Even beside the impressive Bert Stern photo tome, Dr. Finkelstein's past-life regression therapy journal with Canadian pop singer Sherrie Lea Laird stands out: Laird firmly believes that she is the recincarnation of the 1950s screen icon, and Finkelstein, with 30 years of past-life regression work under his belt, believes she's right. Disturbed by her innate knowledge and fearing its adverse effects on herself and her singing career, Laird's struggle to come to terms with her larger-than-life ex-identity provide the book's narrative arc. Constructed of e-mail correspondence, phone call reconstructions and therapy session transcripts, as well as side-by-side images comparing Monroe's hands, feet, facial features and handwriting to Laird's, the book reads like a ready-made stage play where the actor's total conviction checks the audience's incredulity. In the first...
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