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Mapiripan. Sin Perdon y sin Olvido.: Memorias de un Soldado (Spanish Edition)

Автор: Teniente Coronel (R) Hernan Orozco C.
Год: 2012
Издание: [не указанo]
Страниц: 208
ISBN: 1463340508
"Like Judge Cortes, Major Orozco was not part of the conspiracy. He was unaware that he was to be the fall guy who would take the blame when the news of the massacre broke. Unwittingly, Major Orozco played his role perfectly. He promised Judge Cortes that he would inform the general in charge of the region and request reinforcements. Immediately, he sent a report to General Jaime Uscategui...He recommended sending three battalions in three helicopters... Nothing was done." "Orozco's crime was clear: He told the truth. "In a system like the one that exists in Colombia, the truth ruins everyone's prospects and accounts for the high level of indifference and silence, since no one will risk saying anything for fear of losing what they have." Robin Kirk. More Terrible than Death. New York, 2003. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "En todo esto se deduce claramente que el coronel (r) Hernan Orozco pretendio en todo momento evitar la...
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