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Managing Change Successfully: Using Theory and Experience to Implement Change

Автор: Allan P. O. Williams, Sally Woodward, Paul Dobson, YITM
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ISBN: 1861529813
In a constantly changing business climate, all managers must be able to manage change in their organisation. The most difficult aspect of this process is implementing change because of the implications for jobs, working relationships, rewards and workingconditions. Managing Change Successfully advocates an active approach to learning and builds on our knowledge of how adults learn. This practical book will help students understand how to gain the co-operation of others in implementing change, and how tohelp themselves and others cope with the stress of change. Central to the learning process is the development of visual representations of the mental models that influence our thinking. This book encourages readers to review and modify their models and assumptions in the light of interactions with fellow managers and the practical knowledge derived from influential theories.The book is divided into three sections:An introduction to the learning approach and tools 15 case histories...
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