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Main Battle Tank

Автор: Niall Edworthy
Год: 2011
Издание: Penguin Books Ltd.
Страниц: 328
ISBN: 9780141041919
Taking a tank into war ...The British Army's Challenger II Main Battle Tank is one of the most awesome war machines ever built. In March 2003, three Squadrons of Challenger 2s from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, part of Britain's 7-th Armoured Brigade, the fabled Desert Rats, gathered in Southern Iraq to prepare for battle. The Army's newest Big Guns were going to war for the first time. But Operation TELIC was a war which the Challenger 2, designed to operate in the fog and mud of the Central European Plain, had never been expected to fight. And one that would quickly break every rule of tank warfare including the golden maxim: never take a tank into a town. In "Main Battle Tank", author Niall Edworthy, granted unprecedented access to the Scots DGs, tells the story of an extraordinary chapter in the history of British Army. From the terrifying rescue of a stricken Challenger 2 and countless nerve-shredding raids into Basra and Az Zubyar, to the biggest tank engagement fought by the...
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