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Mahogany Hairdressing: Advanced Looks (Thomson Learning Series)

Автор: Martin Gannon, Richard Thompson
Год: 2001
Издание: Thomson Learning
Страниц: 144
ISBN: 1861527888
Mahogany?s first book, Mahogany Hairdressing: Steps to Cutting, Colouring and Finishing Hair, received universal praise for its creative energy, stylish presentation and detailed step-by-step guides to cutting-edge style. Following on from the enormous success of their first book, Advanced Looks presents a range of Mahogany?s more challenging trademark cut and colour techniques. The techniques illustrated in Advanced Looks are responsible for sustaining and promoting Mahogany?s growing reputation in the hairdressing industry. Advanced Looks presents 18 innovative and versatile looks in step-by-step detail. Presented in five parts, the book also includes an exciting collection of cutting edge styles, making Advanced Looks an indispensable guide for professionals, trainers and aspiring students looking for the best role models. Mahogany continue to set the standards for innovative hair designs. Constantly developing their ideas to maintain a highly credible reputation, Mahogany are...
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